E.on to up energy prices by 8.7%

10 December 2012

E.on has announced prices for dual energy customers will rise by 8.7% from 18 January 2013.

Customers on the electricity-only tariff will experience a 7.7% rise on average, while the average gas-only price will increase by 9.4%.

With price increases now announced by all of the UK's six major suppliers this winter, the average household will be left paying around £100 more for their energy this year. This will bring the average annual bill to a record high of £1,400, according to energy comparison site energyhelpline.com.
[widget:10667] "This set of industry-wide price rises could not have come at a worse time, with the UK economy still faltering and a very cold winter forecast," says Mark Todd, director of energyhelpline.com

Customers affected will be sent letters from E.on detailing the changes over the next few days.

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