Could a weak PIN get your fraud claim rejected?

3 December 2012

Victims of card fraud may soon find it harder to get their money back after it has been revealed that banks are making changes in their small print that will mean they can deny customers compensation if they have a weak PIN or haven't shielded their number at a cashpoint.

The changes, likely to be adopted across the industry from early next year, will effectively give the banks more leverage to refuse to refund losses if they believe the customer has been negligent.

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To avoid this from happening, here are three steps you need to take:

1. Never use a PIN that correlates with your date of birth or something similarly obvious. In addition, never use the same PIN for different cards as that can be deemed as 'negligent' by some banks.

2. Always shield your number at a cashpoint and if you see someone behaving suspiciously, use an alternative ATM.

3. If you bank on your mobile phone, make sure you use a passcode to activate your handset. Failure to do so could mean your claim is rejected.

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