Over 60s in London can now travel for free

1 November 2012
Londoners over 60 will now be able to travel for free on public transport, thanks to a new initiative from Mayor Boris Johnson.
The 60+ London Oyster photocard entitles people over 60, living in London to free travel on all Transport for London (TfL) and some National Rail services.
The scheme is aimed at bridging the gap left by the new age restrictions on the Freedom Pass, which since 2012 has been linked with the rising state retirement age for women.
Before the change, Londoners had to be 61 to qualify for a Freedom Pass. 
More than 100,000 applications were expected before the scheme went live today, but so far only 15,000 applications have been received for the new concession.
You can apply for the 60+ London Oyster photocard on the TFl website at tfl.gov.uk/60pluslondon.

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