Cut the cost of your weekly grocery bill

12 October 2012

Experts warn the cost of our weekly shop is set to rise after poor harvests, due to a drought in the US - the world's biggest food exporter - has sent food inflation spiralling.

To help you beat the squeeze, here are Moneywise's top tips on controlling your grocery bill.

Plan your meals at home

Make a weekly meal plan so when it comes to doing your weekly shop you know exactly what you need to buy.

This will not only help you cut back on unnecessary spending at the supermarket but will also help you cut down on food wastage.

Shop around for the best deals

Once you have planned your meals, go to to check which supermarket offers the best deals. The site claims it can save you up to £17 on each shop by finding the store with the cheapest prices.

You can shop through the website or head to your local supermarket knowing you won't be paying over the odds.

Drop a brand

Try to go for supermarket ownbrands when possible. For example, a tin of Sainsbury's Basics baked beans will cost you 42p, compared  with a tin of Heinz Beanz that costs 70p.

Beat supermarket rip-offs

Supermarkets all want to try to make you spend as much as possible when you're in-store and will often put things they want to shift at eye-level or near a popular aisle.

To avoid being tempted, make sure you never shop when you are hungry and try to stick to your shopping list.

In addition, remember buying packaged fruit and veg is usually more expensive.

For instance, if you buy a pack of four Pink Lady apples in Sainsbury's it will cost you £2.75, that's 69p per apple, Buy one loose, however, and you'll only pay 42p.

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