Women hold the family purse strings

28 September 2012
Women are increasingly taking the lead when it comes to managing family finances in the UK.
While the majority of men over 45 still take control of the family finances, there is a new generation of 'money mummies' holding the purse strings in couples under 45, according to research by Lloyds TSB.
Women make over half of the long-term financial decisions in young couples such as choosing financial providers, and 54% of women take charge of the daily money management such as paying bills.
By 2020 women are expected to make most of the long-term financial planning decisions such as choosing a mortgage.
This is good news for family savings as nine out of 10 households where a woman takes control of the money has an emergency savings pot, compared to eight out of 10 families where the man makes the financial choices. 
"Women tend to be more cautious savers in terms of the vehicles they save in, and have a longer-term orientation to saving," says Greg Coughlan, head of savings at Lloyds TSB.

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