Manek Growth is top dog fund

14 September 2012

Manek Growth fund is the worst performing fund over the past three years and should be dropped like "a hot stone" from investment portfolios, according to Chelsea Financial Services' latest dog fund review.

In its latest 'RedZone' survey, which names and shames the worst performing funds, the IFA firm revealed Manek Growth managed to lose its investors more than 34% over the three-year period to 1 August 2012, compared with the average positive return of 33% in its sector.

Overall, it underperformed its sector by a whopping 68%.

Switch quickly

It is followed by UBS Smaller Companies and Allianz Global Eco Trends, which have underperformed their respective sector averages by 49% and 41% respectively.

However, across the board Scottish Widows managed funds come up worse, representing the highest number of bad-performing funds in the review.
Darius McDermott, managing director of Chelsea, says: "Our analysis, frankly, makes for pretty depressing reading and I can only urge anyone invested in these funds to consider whether they want to remain invested or switch as quickly as possible to a better fund.


1 Manek Growth 68.11%
2 UBS UK Smaller Companies 49.81%
3 Allianz Global Eco Trends 41.81%
4 Barmac The Castleton Growth 39.75%
5 Neptune Japan Opportunities 37.05%
6 Standard Life Investments UK Opportunities 31.31%
7 SVM Global Opportunities 30.1%
8 JPM Cautious Total Return 25.07%
9 Templeton Global Emerging Markets 24.57%
10 Fulcrum Global Diversified 23.32%



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Manek Growth Fund is closing down by end of year.

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