Does your postcode affect your petrol price?

7 September 2012

Where you live could have a huge effect on your petrol bill, according to research from Santander Credit Cards.

The average price in pence per litre (ppl) across the country varies from county to county by as much as 16p. That could make a difference of around £253 for the average driver clocking up 12,000 miles per year.

The most expensive place to fill up is the Shetland Islands with a average price of 145.9ppl. That is 11% higher than if you refuelled in the Grampian region, which has the least expensive petrol in the UK at 129.7ppl. The price of fuel has soared in rural Scotland and the Western Isles in recent years.

Avoid skyrocketing petrol prices

Where's cheapest?

Many people may be surprised to find that London is not the most expensive place to refuel in the UK, in fact, thanks to healthy competition at the pump, London isn't even the most expensive place to refuel in England.

That honour goes to Humberside where it will cost you an average of 137.9ppl to fill your tank. For the cheapest petrol in England, you'll have to drive to the North West of England where prices average 131.9ppl.

"These seemingly small variations in fuel prices across the UK can actually have a significant impact on overall spending, particularly for drivers who really clock up the miles," says Alan Mathewson, chief executive at Santander Credit Cards.

If you want to keep your fuel bills as low as possible make the most of websites such as to find the cheapest fuel on sale near you. These websites can also be used to help you plan any long trips. Tap in the name of your destination and you can find the cheapest petrol near there too.

And perhaps, try to persuade your family that a driving holiday to the Grampians would be fun.

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