Brits change the way they drive to save on fuel

24 August 2012

British drivers are changing the way they drive to keep their fuel costs low in the face of rising fuel prices.

Nearly 14 million drivers have pledged to drive more economically, avoiding braking suddenly and accelerating for too long, according to research carried out by Green Flag, breakdown service.

"There's no doubt that the current price and predicted increase of the cost of fuel in the UK is forcing many people to rethink their driving behaviour. Taking the pedal off the metal will not only save motorists money, but will also make roads safer as drivers avoid racing away from junctions,” says Miranda Schunke, spokesperson for Green Flag.

Up to 41% of motorists will cut down on the amount of journeys they make, with 3.8 million vowing to make the most of public transport in a bid to lower their fuel costs.

Many car users are even planning to trade in their old car and buy a more efficient car, such as a hybrid, in a bid to save money on consumption.

Here are some tips on how to lower your fuel costs:

  • Try to reduce the weight of your car by removing unnecessary items from inside. Even ditching fixtures such as roof racks and trailers and filling up your car with only as much petrol as you need could increase efficiency.
  • Make sure your tyres are the correct pressure, as this increases fuel efficiency, as well as safety.
  • Try to drive smoothly, accelerating slowly and avoiding braking heavily whenever possible.
  • Make sure your car is running in top condition. Don’t ignore that flashing light on the dashboard, as driving when there is something wrong with your car uses up extra fuel.
  • Turn off air-conditioning.
  • Keep your speed below or at the speed limit, as the faster you drive the more fuel you use. 
  • Plan journeys in advance to avoid traffic jams, but if you do get stuck in traffic switch your engine off as much as possible.

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