Tips for driving in bad weather

22 August 2012

Heavy rain throughout Britain this summer has made the roads more dangerous than usual.

During the first two weeks of July, severe weather and flooding left 14,000 cars severely damaged or written off completely, costing a total of £35 million according to the AA.

So if you're driving in very bad weather what should you do?

Drive slowly

Drive slowly, be on the lookout for standing water and don't drive through flood water.

Avoid fast-moving water

Don't drive through fast-moving water - even six-inches of fast-flowing water can sweep a car away.

Aquaplane tips

If you hit water at speed and start to aquaplane hold the steering wheel lightly and lift off the throttle until your tyres regain grip.

Get help

If you break down in heavy rain don't prop the bonnet open while you wait for help, wet engines are a lot harder to start again.

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