Mobile app rewards drivers for safe driving

22 August 2012

Motorists can now download a free mobile app that will reward them for safe driving.

The app, MotorMate, uses GPS and technology already within your phone to calculate the length and frequency of your journeys, your speed and how often you accelerate and brake, according to its maker

Users of the app can earn themselves an in-car phone cradle from after driving just 20 miles with it on. They will also receive a £25 cheque after driving 250 miles, and a further £25 if they buy their motor insurance through

"The app allows us to reward our customers for being good drivers," says Joanne Garcia, head of emerging products at

Safe driving

Another free motoring app has also been released to encourage safe driving.

The app, which aims to help motorists ignore the distractions of their phone while driving, blocks incoming calls and texts while the car is moving.

Launched by car insurance specialist esure, the DriveOFF app was created after research revealed that phone alerts distract drivers more than screaming children and feeling stressed. Also a shocking 22% of motorists confess to using their phone while driving.

Last year, nearly 350 accidents were caused by drivers using a mobile phone while driving.

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