Only half of holidaymakers are insured

31 July 2012

More than half (51%) of people planning to go on holiday this summer have not taken out any travel insurance, according to a survey by the Money Advice Service.

Over a third of those people have no intention of taking out insurance either.

The study suggests that around 8.8 million of UK adults planning a summer break are leaving themselves open to expensive post-holiday bills by choosing not to purchase travel insurance.

The average family stand to lose around £3,000 if all their belongings are lost or stolen while on holiday without insurance, say the Money Advice Service.

In addition, this could leave holidaymakers paying an average of £2,040 for medical treatment while abroad.

The study also revealed that 7.8 million of the 13 million adults planning on holidaying in the UK do not plan to take out any travel insurance. But just because you aren’t travelling abroad doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take out travel insurance – most insurers will pay between £1,500 and £3,000 for lost or stolen possessions even if you are holidaying in the UK.

If you are hesitant about taking out travel insurance as you are worried about being tripped up by the small print here are some things to watch out for when taking out a policy:


  1. You must have taken ‘reasonable care’ of your belongings, for example leaving them out of sight, if you make a claim for theft.
  2. You should make sure your valuables are under your control while you are away. For example, some insurers specify that your valuables won’t be covered if you put them in the hold.
  3. Check whether your policy covers sunglasses.
  4.  You may need a police report, written statement or proof of purchase to claim on any lost or stolen items.
  5. Most policies are quite strict if you claim for cutting your holiday short, they will only cover you for close family deaths or illnesses, so check the exact wording.
  6. You must ensure you have the right vaccinations, otherwise you may invalidate your medical cover.
  7. In most cases, you wont be covered if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs when an accident occurs. Check to see whether that exclude a glass of wine with your meal.
  8. If the Foreign and Commonwealth Office recommend not travelling to a region your travel insurance is highly unlikely to cover a trip there.
  9. Make sure you take your insurer’s helpline number with you on holiday, as you must report any emergencies during your travels if you wish to claim.
  10. You must tell your insurer about any medical conditions you are aware of prior to travel as this could affect your claim.



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