NatWest - RBS banking problems continue

22 June 2012

Around 1,000 NatWest branches opened early today to help customers who are still unable to access their accounts due to technical problems.

"We are continuing to experience technical issues with our systems, which is impacting a large number of our customers," said a statement on the NatWest website. "As a result, money credited to accounts overnight may not be appearing on balances today."

The problems started on Wednesday night and have seen many customers of NatWest bank and some RBS and Ulster Bank customers unable to access money that should have arrived in their accounts. As a result, some customers have been unable to withdraw money from cash machines, while some others have had their debit cards rejected.

Many customers have been so alarmed by the situation they have queued at branches in order to withdraw all the money in their current accounts.

"The problem is strictly of a technical nature and we are working hard to fix it as soon as possible," says the NatWest statement, in an effort to reassure customers. "We will ensure that no customers will be permanently out of pocket as a result."

But many customers are now becoming concerned that they may be faced with penalty charges if standing orders or direct debits have failed to go through. And NatWest appear to be no closer to solving the problem.

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