Withdraw cash without a card

15 June 2012

It's now possible to withdraw money from a cash machine by entering a code into your smartphone, thanks to new technology.

Customers who bank with the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and NatWest and use the bank's smartphone application can get access to their cash by requesting a code via their phone.

The 'GetCash' system allows people to withdraw up to £100 via their smartphone by using a six-digit code.

The new app is designed to help customers who have forgotten their bank cards and need money, or for those who want to transfer money to other people without having to use a card.


To stop thieves cashing in on the new technology, the customer will have to request a 'pin number' on their phone and this will be hidden until they tap the screen, to minimize the risk of someone else stealing the code.

Once the code has been created it will be valid for three hours. Customers can also use the scheme as many times as they need to.

At the moment it's available to 2.6 million customers who have downloaded the bank's free app.

"This has never been done anywhere in the UK, and yet it's a really simple and secure way to help our customers get cash whenever and wherever they need it," says Ben Green, head of mobile at NatWest and RBS.

"We've heard countless stories from customers who've left their wallet behind, or parents who need a quick way to send money across to their children immediately," adds Green.

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