How you can still get hold of Olympic tickets

8 June 2012

As the Olympic flame makes its way around a soggy Britain and with less than seven weeks to go before London 2012 kicks off, it may seem that if you don't have tickets there is no way you are going to get close to the action.

But even at this late stage there is still a way you can get your hands on Olympics tickets and you don't have to sell your grandmother or your dignity to pay for them either.


While the UK's own allocation of tickets is fast selling out there is another way you can secure a place by the track, pool or pitch. Every country that takes part in the Olympics is allocated tickets to sell to its citizens.

In most cases only people who are resident in that country can buy those tickets. But there is an exception. Countries that are members of the European Union are able to buy tickets allocated to any EU country.

That means that if you are a British citizen you have your pick of numerous other country's Olympic ticket allocation. You can find a full list of official Olympic-appointed resellers on the 2012 Olympic website. (

Some tickets have sold out and you must make sure the country is a member of the EU before you attempt to buy but as long as you are careful there are plenty of tickets still to be had.

For example, the official German reseller has tickets available for badminton, beach volleyball, fencing, sailing and 10 other events, with prices ranging from €56 to €200.


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