Savings accounts of the week: Kent Reliance BS

24 May 2012

Kent Reliance Building Society (KRBS) has launched a range of new savings products, all without bonus periods attached.

This means the rate you see is what you get and you won't end up with an abysmal rate as soon as the bonus period ends – a trick most other savings providers use to lure in customers.

The range includes a two-year tracker account, a two-year tracker ISA, a high-balance easy access account (minimum £25,000 deposit) and a six-month fixed-rate account.

If you're looking for a set return for two years, the two-year tracker account, which tracks the Bank of England base rate, is good for those who have already used up their ISA allowances for this tax year. It offers a rate of 3.5%, which is guaranteed to remain 3% above the base rate for the full two years.

The minimum balance is £1,000. Although this is not market-leading, it's suitable for someone who doesn't want to be continually switching money around in search of a better rate. However, if you want to access your money early you will incur a loss of 180 days' interest.

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KRBS also offers the same account in a ISA wrapper, which could be worth considering if you haven't already used up your ISA allowance for this tax year.

A six-month fixed-rate bond is also on offer, paying 2.75% for those people who need earlier access to their cash.

All of these accounts are available though a branch, by post or online at and interest is paid once a year.

"After making the decision to remove introductory bonuses from our savings accounts, we wanted to improve our savings accounts further," says Andy Golding, chief executive for KRBS.

He adds: "We want our customers to feel reassured they are getting long-term good value, best return on their savings, whatever option they choose."

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