British Gas hints at £100 bill hike

14 May 2012

Energy bills could rise by up to £100 next year after British Gas signals it may be increasing prices.

The UK's biggest energy supplier is already buying wholesale gas for next winter, and it has warned that prices are up.

"UK wholesale gas costs are around 15% higher for next winter than last, and non-commodity costs - which are also largely outside of our control - are expected to add a further £50 to the cost of supplying the average household this year. The trend for retail energy costs therefore remains upwards," said Centrica, parent company of British Gas in a statement to the stockmarket.

Rise in fuel bills

The 'non-commodity costs' it refers to are believed to be increased transportation costs and green taxes.
"The prospect of further rises in fuel bills will be a huge worry for many people who are already struggling to cope with last year's increases," says Gillian Guy, chief executive of the Citizens Advice Bureau.

"For consumers, it's clear that suppliers are warning of trouble ahead. I would urge them to prepare for the worst and to ensure they are on a competitively priced energy plan and to make their homes as energy efficient as possible by taking up one of the many subsidised insulation offers available on the market," says Tom Lyon, energy expert at

"Suppliers have a pot of money to spend on helping their customers with energy efficiency. More importantly, they are moving towards a deadline to have spent it which means that many households could be in line to benefit."

Contact your energy supplier to find out if there is any money available from it to help you insulate your home.

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