Call for regulation of 'misleading' price comparison websites

26 March 2012

Regulation needs to be introduced to the price comparison website industry, a consumer group has said.

Information provided by these sites is not always fair and customers are often given misleading quotes on insurance policies, says consumer group Which?

As some sites use pre-selected options initial quotes can seem very cheap but these polices don’t always provide the right amount of cover.

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Shop around

The group conducted market research by approaching 11 different comparison websites for car insurance quotes and prices varied between £310 and £660.

Many of the websites also excluded extras such as legal cover, a courtesy car or personal injury cover and not one covered more than a third of the home or travel insurance market.

"Price comparison sites claim to do all of the work for you, but our research found if you want to get the best deal you still need to shop around or it could cost you hundreds of pounds. Going to the insurer directly may also give you a better quote," says Richard Lloyd, executive director of Which?

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