Cineworld scraps online booking fee

16 March 2012

Cineworld has axed all online fees for customers buying cinema tickets from today.

The decision comes after mounting pressure for businesses to drop booking fees added to online purchases.

Previously customers had to fork out 70p per ticket for online bookings rising to a maximum of £4.20 for group bookings. Both Vue and Odeon cinemas currently add a charge of 75p per ticket.

As an extra incentive, along with axing the fees the cinema is also offering a 10% discount on online tickets prices for those who sign up to MyCineworld, the company’s free loyalty scheme.

The cinema chain has 79 cinemas across the UK and made the move because more than three quarters of its customers said they would be more likely to book online if they didn’t have to pay anything extra.

Fees for paying with a card are typically placed on a wide range of online purchases, including concert tickets and flights.

These fees have slated by the government, The Office of Fair Trading and consumer groups but despite this companies are currently still allowed to charge them.

Justin Skinner, vice president of marketing for Cineworld, says: “This is a game-changer for the leisure and entertainment industry; booking fees are disliked by customers and the notion of a discount for booking online is synonymous with the web.”


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