Over 135,000 consumers sign up for cheaper energy bill campaign

20 February 2012

More than 135,000 people have signed up to a pioneering campaign that aims to secure cheaper gas and electricity tariffs.

The 'Big Switch' campaign, launched by consumer group Which?, is an attempt to drive down energy bills by using people power.

Which? plans to gather a large number of consumers who all want a cheaper energy deal. It will then approach the energy companies to see which will offer them the cheapest deal in return for such a large influx of new custom.

Once Which? has secured a deal, it will then take it back to everyone who signed up for the campaign, who can then decide if they want to switch or not.

Last year, the consumer group's Dutch counterpart completed a similar campaign where 7,000 people signed up and saved an average of £250 off the yearly bills.


The Big Switch has got some high profile supporters, including the new Energy Secretary, Ed Davey, who has said he would like to see similar schemes launched to help drive down energy costs. Shadow energy minister, Caroline Flint, has called the Big Switch a "trailblazing way to help bring down soaring bills."

Hopefully, the campaign will make the 'Big Six' energy firms rethink the pricing policies and recognise that customers aren't going to be happy to constantly face higher and higher bills. 

"The bigger the group, the stronger our bargaining power will be. We are urging anyone who is angry about the state of the energy market to sign up," says Richard Lloyd, executive director of Which?. "The Big Switch is the first chance to do this in the UK."

Moneywise is supporting the Big Switch campaign. To sign up to the campaign, go to www.whichbigswitch.co.uk/. Alternatively, use our comparison site to find the cheapest energy deal for you.

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