Save £292 by switching energy providers

9 February 2012

Switching energy providers could save consumers an average of £292, according to new research.

The average UK household energy bill is £1,322 per year but this is nearly £300 more than the cheapest deal on the market, says a report from

First Utility provides the cheapest energy deal with its variable-rate internet tariff at an average annual cost of £1,030. The second and third cheapest offers are two fixed-price deals - they are from First Utility at £1,060 and Ovo at £1,061.

Compare energy prices and switch provider

Fuel Poverty Awareness Day

This research coincides with Fuel Poverty Awareness Day today, which has been organised by the charity National Energy Action to urge people who are struggling to pay their energy bills to seek help.

Rising energy bills have pushed seven million UK households into fuel poverty, defined as when a household is required to spend more than 10% of its income on energy bills after housing costs.

"Living standards are being squeezed to the point where many households face a daily challenge to make ends meet. However, it is not all doom and gloom and energy customers can save hundreds of pounds in just a few minutes by switching supplier," says Mark Todd, director of

"We advise all energy customers to use their buying power wisely and make their supplier work for their custom. Staying on your supplier's standard tariff is likely to lead to a really big bill by the time spring arrives," he adds.

Top five cheapest deals

1 first:utility iSave v9 £1,030 £292
2 first:utility iSave Fixed v1 £1,060 £262
3 Ovo New Energy Fixed £1,061 £261
4 Scottish Power Online Fixed Price Energy May 2013 £1,070 £252
5 Npower Go Fix 10 £1,078 £244


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