The top 10 mobile phones to recycle

7 February 2012

British consumers made £2.63 million from recycling their old mobile phones in February, according to research from

For the top 10 phones, sellers made an average of £125 each. However, this amount rose for more expensive phones, such as the Apple iPhone 4S 64GB, which sold for £475.

"Consumers are recycling phones more than ever before in a bid to quickly get some cash when they need it most," says Keir McConomy, managing director for the website. 

"As smartphones become increasingly more popular, we’re seeing the average value of mobiles recycled go up and up - and this is only set to increase as handset innovation continues," he adds.

If you’re looking at recycling your old mobile phone, here are the top 10 most recycled handsets for January this year, according to

1 Apple iPhone 3GS, 16GB £104
2 Apple iPhone 4, 16GB £243
3 BlackBerry Curve 8520 £52
4 Apple iPhone 3G, 8GB £68
5 BlackBerryBold 9700£92 £50
6 SamsungGalaxy S i9000 £127
7 BlackBerryTorch 9800 £121
8 BlackBerryCurve 8900 £47
9 HTC Desire £79
10 HTC Wildfire £45

Where to sell your mobile

There are numerous websites around where you can sell your mobile phone, including,, and

However, before you decide where to sell your phone, shop around as the amount you can get varies between the different websites.

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