Quarter of UK homes too small for occupants

30 January 2012

High property prices are forcing families to stay put in homes that are too small for them, according to research from findaproperty.com.

The research found that children have to share bedrooms in 24% of UK households. The figures are even starker for younger families and London households: 38% of younger families aren't able to give their children their own room, while 35% of London households have children sharing bedrooms.

Samantha Baden, property analyst for findaproperty.com, says that affordability remains a "key issue" for UK families. "Very few families can afford to buy or rent a property that meets their exact size and location requirements, and as a result, they are often forced to compromise on one or the other."

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The research also reveals that 29% of parents think their home is too small to live in comfortably and 14% of couples expecting a child don't think their home is suitable for a baby.

An average three-bedroom home in the UK now costs £193,000, according to findaproperty.com.

Renting more expensive than buying

Findaproperty.com's findings come out the same time as research from Bank of Scotland reveals it is cheaper to buy a property than rent in Scotland.

On average, monthly mortgage payments towards a three-bedroom house in Scotland cost £510, compared to the average monthly rent of £540 paid on the same property type – that's 6% less.

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