Nationwide re-launches market-leading credit card

18 January 2012

Nationwide has re-launched its market-leading 0% purchase credit card to new customers.

The Select credit card tops the tables for 0% purchase deals with a no interest period for the first 18 months.

The card also offers a 0% period on balance transfers for 17 months, with a 2.95% balance transfer fee.

However, to take advantage of these offers you need to have Nationwide's FlexAccount - which is free - as your main current account.

Cardholders also get the benefit of commission-free purchases when the card is used abroad and 0.5% cash back on all sterling purchases, except for cash advances.

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"As we start the New Year, the Select credit card, with its market-leading 0% for 18 months purchases and 0.5% cashback offer, provides people with the ideal opportunity to take advantage of those bargains in the sales," says Graham Pilkington, Nationwide's director of banking.

"At the same time, by offering a competitive 17 months 0% balance transfer offer, the Select card also caters for those consumers who are looking to transfer pre-existing balances. So, the Select card offers something for everyone."

The interest rate on the credit card reverts to 12.9% APR once the introductory period ends, which is a pretty low rate in a market that averages a rate of 18.3% APR, according to Moneyfacts.

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Moneywise's verdict:

All in all this credit card offers a very attractive deal, it's only a shame it isn't available to the wider market.

But given that the FlexAccount is one of the better current accounts on the market making the switch could be a good idea if you would really utilise the credit card.

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