Which supermarket offers the cheapest Christmas dinner?

Published by Nathalie Bonney on 09 December 2011.
Last updated on 09 December 2011

Christmas dinner table

Iceland supermarket is the cheapest when it comes to Christmas dinner - costing less than £5 a head - while Sainsbury's is the most expensive one.

The budget supermarket has priced up how much it charges for Christmas dinner compared with six other supermarkets, and the whole meal costs £18.50 for a family of four, or £4.62 each.

It includes a turkey breast joint with stuffing for just £6 plus all the trimmings (cocktail sausages, brussel sprouts, mixed vegetables and red cabbage) for £1 each and goose fat roast potatoes for £1.50.

Asda is the second cheapest, its whole Christmas dinner costing £19.27, with Aldi's £20.26 price tag, close behind.

Not known for its budget prices Sainsbury's is the most expensive out of the seven. Its Christmas dinner costs £29.85 in total and items such as its stuffed turkey breast, selling for £11, cost sufficiently more than the cheaper supermarkets.

Christmas dinner costs

ICELAND £18.50
ASDA £19.27
ALDI £20.26
TESCO £22.08
SAINSB £29.85



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