Energy bills are crippling UK families

6 October 2011

Rising energy bills are crippling the finances of UK families and more than a quarter of them are struggling to pay their bills.

This year, prices have shot up by an average of 21% - pushing annual household energy bills up by £224 to £1,293.

Families will need to ration their energy usage once bills hit £1,500 a year, according to research from uSwitch – 77% of families will start rationing their use, 59% will go without suitable heating and 36% will turn it off entirely). And £1,500 is only £207 short of the current average bill.

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Wake-up call

Ann Robinson, spokesperson for, says: "This is a wake-up call and the clearest evidence yet that the UK is on the brink of an affordability crisis when it comes to household energy.

"The facts speak for themselves: almost seven million households living in fuel poverty, a third of people saying that energy is already unaffordable in the UK and over a quarter already struggling to afford their bills.

And sadly that isn’t the end of it - we are facing a £200 billion shopping list of investment required to secure our longer-term supply, cut carbon, boost energy efficiency and roll-out smart metering into all homes. Unfortunately for consumers, British households can expect to be footing the bill."

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