The UK's 10 best and worst broadband streets

20 September 2011

Mount Pleasant in West Sussex is the slowest street in the UK for broadband, according to research from uSwitch.

The average speed on the street is 53 times slower than the national average and a whopping 147 times slower than in the UK's fastest town – Leamington Spa.

The average speed in the street is 0.128Mb, which means it would take around 48 hours to download just one film from the internet.

Second on the list is Forestfield, also in West Sussex. With an average speed of 0.134Mb it takes a lengthy 90 minutes to download one music track. Meanwhile, third worst is Inchkeith Drive in Fife, which has an average speed of 0.169Mb.

North vs south

Geographically speeds in the south of England are much slower than the rest of the UK, with a quarter of the UK's slowest 20 streets located in West Sussex and Hampshire.

10 worst broadband streets

 1 Mount Pleasant Halesworth, Suffolk 0.128 Mb/s
 2 Forestfield Horsham, West Sussex 0.134 Mb/s
 3 Inchkeith Drive Dunfermline, Fife 0.169 Mb/s
 4 Faraday Avenue Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire 0.182 Mb/s
 5 Baird Avenue Kilwinning, Ayrshire 0.225 Mb/s
 6 Wheatears Drive Romsey, Hampshire 0.242 Mb/s
 7 Furzy Park Haverfordwest, Dyfed 0.254 Mb/s
 8 Calmore Drive Totton, Hampshire 0.267 Mb/s
 9 Mowbray Grove Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland 0.274 Mb/s
 10 Colledge Close Brinklow, Warwickshire 0.279 Mb/s


On the other end of the scale is Stansfield Road in Tameside, with an average speed of 78.818 Mb. White Road in Oxford follows in second place at 66.705Mb, and Highfields Close in Bedfordshire is third with a speed of 63.579Mb.

The research is based on data from 1,500,000 speed tests conducted between March and August this year.

Ernest Doku, spokesperson for uSwitch, says: "While many areas of the country are already benefiting from the considerable investment into super-fast fibre optic networks, our research highlights the plight of households at the other end of the spectrum struggling with download speeds so poor that in some cases it can hardly be considered a broadband service at all.

"While broadband providers have been committed to upgrading broadband infrastructure as a priority, for some areas these improvements can't come soon enough. Being stuck in the slow lane is a frustrating situation, with many of us now considering broadband to be an essential service."

10 best broadband streets

1 Stansfield Road Hyde, Tameside 78.818 Mb/s
2 White Road Oxford 66.705 Mb/s
3 Highfields Close Dunstable, Central Bedfordshire 63.579 Mb/s
4 Heather Shaw Trowbridge, Wiltshire 59.797 Mb/s
5 Lynton Grove Corby, Northamptonshire 56.527 Mb/s
6 Maple Tree Lane Halesowen, West Midlands 53.690 Mb/s
7 Upper Belmont Road Chesham, Buckinghamshire 51.780 Mb/s
8 Bidhams Crescent Tadworth, Surrey 51.681 Mb/s
9 Darwin Way Gosport, Hampshire 50.695 Mb/s
10 Trinity Street Gorseinon, Swansea 48.157 Mb/s

* figures could be untypically high (a typical fast home speed broadband would be around 20 Mb) due to provider trials.

If you're worried about the speed you're receiving, check out our guide on five ways to improve your broadband speed.

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