Are you using your paid-for account benefits?

26 August 2011

In Britain, 35% of people with a paid-for current account never use the package of benefits it comes with.

Nearly half of us have one of these accounts but many people are paying for benefits they are either unaware of or not using, according to

The extra benefits within a packaged account can include mobile phone insurance, breakdown cover, travel and contents insurance and card and identity theft protection. But 13% of people with this type of account have no idea what they are entitled to.

The monthly charge varies a great deal across providers but it can be as much as £20 a month.

For example, Halifax charges £5 per month for its Ultimate Reward Account and the HSBC Advance account costs £6 for the first three months and £12.95 a month thereafter.



When choosing a current account it's important to look at all the costs involved and the additional benefits to decide if it's worth paying for the account.

Kevin Mountford, spokesperson for, says it's worrying to see many consumers not knowing what they are paying for and not making full use of the benefits they are entitled to.

"Customers unaware of the benefits they're entitled to should check with their provider and ensure they are aware of the steps needed to activate benefits such as breakdown insurance and card loss, as often they will need to register their details before the cover kicks in. It is also worth checking the terms and conditions of any benefits, and establishing who else may be covered under any policies, such as a partner or children," he advises.

"While not perfect for everyone, packaged accounts are here to stay and offer a good solution for those who are ‘time poor' and prefer to bundle all their requirements in one product rather than shop around."

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