Top 10 banking turnoffs

25 August 2011

Steep charges for going overdrawn are customers' biggest banking turnoff, according to an MSN Money poll.

The survey asked consumers what irritates them most about their bank and it revealed that high overdraft charges topped the list of banking bugbears with 20% of the vote.

Other common gripes include overseas call centres, which received 14% of the vote, new customers getting the best rates, which 12% of respondents said was their biggest bugbear, and the length of time it takes to clear a cheque (11%).

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Profiteering banks

Simon Ward, spokesperson for MSN Money, says that customer satisfaction surveys constantly show consumers are unhappy with their banks for seemingly profiteering from customers' financial misery.

"Many people are not happy with their bank. And it's easy to see why when banks continue to make large profits but charge their customers huge fees for going into the red."
"While it is the customer's responsibility to make sure they don't exceed their overdraft limit, it's clear many people feel the fees are disproportionately high.

"It's also galling when banks neglect the simple things such as good customer service, rewarding loyalty, and even making sure they have enough cashiers in branches during busy periods, for example at lunchtimes."

Top 10 banking bugbears

1.     High charges for going overdrawn
2.     Offshore call centres
3.     Best rates going to new customers
4.     The time it takes to clear cheques
5.     Poor customer service
6.     Too few staff during busy periods
7.     Paying to speak to a bank on the phone
8.     Spending money on advertising rather than staff or training
9.     Repeatedly having to produce documentation
10.   Simple requests taking too long
MSN Money received 1,939 votes in its poll.

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