Beware of 'glove box stashing'

2 August 2011

Motorists risk losing hundreds of pounds because they store expensive belongings in their glove box that aren't covered by their car insurance.

Drivers stash on average £278 worth of items in their car, according to research from Pricey gadgets such as sat navs, mobile phones and even wallets account for the high figure.

Lee Griffin, spokesperson for the comparison website, says drivers easily underestimate the total worth of items kept in their cars: "Most of us own a range of highly portable and desirable gadgets that are small enough to stash in our glove box or boot.

"Our survey reveals that most drivers are unaware what cover, if any, they have if their possessions are damaged or stolen while left in their vehicle."

Car insurance typically covers personal belongings up to the value of £100 and only on fully comprehensive policies.

"The purpose of car insurance is to give you financial protection for your vehicle, not the stuff you keep inside it," adds Griffin.

Drivers' five-point checklist:

1) Find out what, if any, cover is offered by your car insurance

2) Ensure your home insurance includes enough cover for portable items that you are on the move with, such as ipods and sat navs

3) If you are keeping items in the car ensure they are hidden and locked away in the boot

4) Also be sure to hide away any MP3 or sat nav cables that are a sign to thieves of pricier items hidden elsewhere

5) If you still want to store items in the glove box, invest in a lock. They cost from £10 up to £40, depending on the model and are available at and


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