Cheaper to use your mobile within EU

1 July 2011

Mobile phone call charges for calling within the EU will drop from 35p to 32p per minute from today, according to new European Union regulations.

The cost of receiving calls when you're abroad in the EU is also set to fall with a 10p cap introduced, according to This represents a 42% drop in costs compared with two years ago.

These rules will only apply when you're in a country that's a member of the EU.

A step in the right direction

The changes are part of the EU's lengthy battle against pricey roaming charges. Ernest Doku, technology expert for, applauds the moves, calling them a "step in the right direction".

"Consumers have been paying extortionate call charges on their mobile phones abroad for too long," he says.

He adds the issue of data roaming charges needs to be addressed:

"Data roaming charges are the real sting in the tail when it comes to high bills. We await next week's announcement from the EU detailing how it plans to address the underlying problem of the lack of competition in the roaming markets."

The EU is expected to announce next week how it plans to align UK and EU roaming charges by 2015.

Protect yourself from pricey mobile phone charges on holiday: Three quick tips

The average mobile phone bill post holiday is £149, according to, so how can you cut your mobile phone bill while abroad?

1. Contact your network before jetting off to check the costs of phone use abroad
2. Switch off your voicemail and roaming options, such as picking up emails, unless you really need them
3. Buy international or local SIM cards to benefit from cheaper rates



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