Give to charity at the cashpoint

23 May 2011

UK banks, building societies and cash machines have all come out in support of government proposals to charity giving at cashpoints.

The announcement comes after the government's 'Giving' green paper, published in December 2010. The scheme isn't expected to be rolled out until 2012 and details on how much individuals can donate hasn't been announced yet, although they should be able to choose between different amounts.

"The figures are all still to be decided but it's likely that you'll be able to choose different amounts and if the amount isn't shown then you can key in how much you want to give like pressing 'other amount' when making a withdrawal," says spokesperson for UK cash machine network Link Mark Bowerman.

He adds that cardholders will be able to pick between different charities in a different fashion although the specific charities will vary between ATMs.


Cabinet office minister Francis Maude welcomes the decision, saying:

"This will make charity giving quicker and easier for so many people as they can incorporate giving into their regular routine."

In the following months the industry will work with the Treasury to look at ways of applying gift aid to these small donations.

Despite the good news for charities there has been a mixed response from the general public. Link's research reveals that 22% of people who use a cash machine a few times a week would always donate 10p.

Would you be willing to give to charity at the cash machine? Share your thoughts and vote in our poll.

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