Are you paying too much for your mobile?

11 April 2011

Mobile phone users are wasting money on the wrong contracts, according to new findings from Billmonitor.

The mathematical group has revealed that the average subscriber is overpaying by £194.71 each year. Its findings show that 76% of mobile phone users are on the wrong contract. Of this number 52% are on a tariff that is too large for them and on average uses only a quarter of their monthly calling allowance.

"The trouble is you're not going to spend the same each month," says James Sherwood, mobile phone expert at

Despite Billmonitor's findings Sherwood still thinks it's worth exercising some caution.

"Look for a tariff with 100–200 more texts and some more minutes at least and also be careful with the data usage."

But at the other end of the spectrum, close to a third (29%) of mobile phone owners are on too small a tariff and are wasting money on calls and data usage above their agreed allowance.

Finally, 19% of users have the right level of included minutes but waste money not using the extra free benefits or data and text allowances.

Billmonitor also estimates that the majority of subscribers could save on average £250.44 by choosing a SIM–only deal which doesn't come with a free phone.

Sherwood suggests checking your bills for the last three months to give yourself an idea of your phone usage. He adds:

"Don't forget too, that it doesn't hurt to speak to your existing provider, which may put you on a more suitable deal, rather than lose you as a customer."

"But remember, always give yourself a buffer because exceeding your package call and internet allowances can result in a much higher bill."


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