Are you owed a Halifax mortgage refund?

21 February 2011

Halifax is to give goodwill payments to thousands of customers after admitting "confusing" them over mortgage payments.

The bank, which is now part of the Lloyds Banking Group, raised the cap on its standard variable rate (SVR) from 2% above base rate, to 3% above based rate in January of 2009.

The cap only applies to borrowers who are paying the SVR and have an early repayment charge. However, this was not made clear in paperwork provided with mortgages given between September 2004 and September 2007.

The bank informed those customers that were covered by the cap about the changes. But many customers wrongly believed they were also covered by the cap as a result of the paperwork they received.

Now the bank admits it was not clear enough with its customers and has struck a deal with the Financial Services Authority, promising to "review and redress" the situation.

Customers who were covered by the cap will receive £250 while those who weren't but thought they were will receive a discretionary payment.

"Many Halifax customers will have missed out on cheaper mortgage payments because Halifax changed its SVR cap when interest rates fell to historic lows," says Melanie Bien, director of independent mortgage broker Private Finance.

"While Halifax reserved the right to make this adjustment in its terms and conditions, the fact that many borrowers were not aware of it because it wasn't in the offer documentation they received, leaves Halifax on shaky ground.

She adds: "Borrowers may have chosen a different mortgage at the time if they had known, so Halifax must now compensate them accordingly."

Halifax is set to contact any customers who were affected by the rate increase without warning.

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Dear Sir/MadamWe have had an interest only mortgage with the Halifax since 2008 but prior to that we were on a repayment mortgage going back 40 plus years. Do we have any claim on money being owed?

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I had an interest only mortgage with the halifax and repaid them Forty thousand pounds from equity release in 2012 They have refused me any money back. My mortgage was with them long before that though when I paid interest.

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I had my mortgage since 2007 with Halifax and I want to know if I can get some refund from Halifax, my mortgage is increased to £1585

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I live in Ireland and took out a tracker Mortgage with BOSI - I received a letter from the Halifax on 14th Apr 2010 stating that BOSI intended to reshape its business and withdraw from Ireland. The letter, although not binding, offered to contribute €1000 if I chose to switch to another provider. I didn't really want to come off my tracker and move to a higher var loan rate but was worried that the bank was leaving Ireland and if I didn't take up the offer I would loose the €1000 when they close and would be forced to look for a mortgage else where. Will this fall under the current redress investigations? The bank gave the impression that by pulling out of Ireland they may no longer cover the original deal?

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i have had my mortgeage with the halifax from 2003 to present

Halifax mortgage

How far back can you claim?

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