Workers fear job losses, but still pull sickies

7 February 2011

One-in-five workers in the UK fear they could lose their job, research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) shows. 20% of all employees believe it is 'likely' they could be made redundant soon while in the public sector a whopping 31% are fearful of getting the chop.

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The survey showed the standard of living for most workers has also fallen with almost a third of the 2,000 workers surveyed claiming their standard of living had got worse over the last six months. Only 10% claimed it had improved.

The CIPD also found that more than half of employees report their organisation has either frozen pay (46%) or cut pay (7%), while the situation was even worse in the public sector, with 63% seeing a freeze and 6% a cut.

And it seems the stress of potential job losses and pay freezes are not the only things lowering staff morale.

The long wait for a summer holiday, the fact the cold dull weather does not seem to be abating and the credit card bill hangover from the festivities all mean Monday 7 February is the day most workers are likely to call in sick. The worst flu outbreak in years is also an issue.

Experts at business advisers ELAS claim as many as 35,000 workers will pull a sickie today, at a cost of more than £32 million to the economy.

Ben Willmott, CIPD senior public policy adviser, CIPD, said: "With employees feeling the pinch financially, concerned over their job security and with fewer opportunities to move up or move on, employers need to deliver consistently high quality leadership and management on the front line. How managers communicate, consult and coach and develop staff is critical."

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