EDF to raise prices in March

4 February 2011

EDF Energy, the only energy supplier to freeze its prices over the winter has announced an increase, starting on 2 March. Gas prices will rise by 6.5% while the cost of electricity will increase by 7.5%.

Around 3.3 million customers will be affected and will see their typical dual fuel bill rise from £1,046 a year to £1,118, equating to around £6 a month. The only blessing is that because the price rise doesn't kick in until the spring, when energy consumption should start coming down.

All of EDF's rival suppliers in the big six increased their prices in the winter. Scottish Power got the ball rolling in November, quickly followed by Scottish and Southern, allowing them to cash in the UK's coldest December for 100 years.

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Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at uswitch said: "While this news isn't exactly welcome, EDF Energy's customers will be relieved that their supplier protected them from price rises through the winter, when the impact on bills would have been far more severe."

She added that now the latest round of price increases was complete households should be able to enjoy a period of increased stability.

This makes now an ideal time to change suppliers. According to uswitch, some households could save as much as £458 a year by switching.

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