The cars that lost the least value in 2010

24 January 2011

The Kia Picanto is the car that depreciated least in 2010, according to Parker's depreciation report for the year.

As the cost of motoring increases – with soaring fuel, petrol and insurance bills - more people are looking to buy cars that hold their value.

The car price guide found Kia Picanto lost just £1,247 in 2010, which equals around £3.42 a day. This amount is around 20% of the original price, so sellers would still be able to get back an impressive 80% of the price after one year.

Parker's bases its research on average private resale values for one-year old cars with 10,000 miles on the clock.

Also in the top five were the Kia Rio, which lost 22% of the price, the Daihatsu Terios, losing £1,818 (14%) and the Fiat 500 which lost £1,943 (22%). The Volkswagen Polo came fifth losing £1,987 (22%).

Out of the top 50 best performers, 36 were small cars, as demand grows for smaller cars with long warranties - the Kia's is seven-years.

A recent YouGov survey found that one in 20 motorists had traded down to a smaller car to reduce their petrol costs, while Autotrader has reported a massive increase in searches for fuel-efficient cars. Searches for the Fiat 500 – Autotrader's top car for fuel efficiency – rose by 199% between 2009 and 2010.

4x4s also fared well in the report, occupying 12 places in the top 50, as fuel efficiency improves and a run of bad winters increases their appeal.

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