Don't miss today's tax deadline

20 January 2011

If you haven't filed your tax return online before, you must register with HMRC by January 21.

Taxpayers who are filing their tax return for the first time online, have until Friday 21 January to register with HMRC's online services.

Filing your tax return late could cost you dear

The final deadline for filing tax returns is midnight on 31 January, however if you intend to do so online, you need to first register on the revenue's website.

"Once registered you will be sent a code to activate your account," explains Andrew Shaw, a  tax partner at accountant Kingston Smith. "This is sent to your home address and may take up to seven working days to arrive. So it is important to register as soon as possible."

In order to register you will need your unique taxpayer reference (UTR) and either your national insurance number or postcode. You can find your UTR on any correspondence you have from HMRC. Alternatively you can have it posted to you, but again this needs to be factored into your timings.

The fine for returning a personal tax return late is £100.

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