TIme running out for best Tesco Clubcard deals

15 October 2010

Millions of shoppers should act now to avoid losing value on their Tesco Clubcard points following the news that the supermarket is to reduce the exchange rate for its rewards.

Currently cardholders receive rewards worth four times their value when trading in Clubcard points, but from the 6 December this year, the rate will reduce to three times.

As one of the most generous loyalty card schemes available, Tesco gives shoppers two points for every pound spent in store. This ‘double points’ offer has been in place since August 2009 and Tesco says it has no plans to end what was originally a promotion. 

Upon exchanging their points, cardholders can use Clubcard vouchers for dining out in restaurants such as Pizza Express, for buying airmiles and cinema tickets and for spending on days out for the family.

For example, every £2.50 in Clubcard vouchers gives holders 50 airmiles with airmiles.co.uk. Alternatively, shoppers can use £2.50 in Clubcard vouchers to spend £10 in Pizza Express.

When the changes are implemented the same amount of vouchers will only get you £7.50 to spend in Pizza Express.

While this is still great value for money, Clubcard holders should get in quick if they want to use their points for greater returns.

In a further blow to motorists who fuel up at Tesco petrol stations, from 1 November they will only receive one point for every £2 spent rather than two points for every £2 spent. Customers using a Tesco credit card to pay for their fuel will still be able to earn two points for every £2 spent. 

Tesco says it has altered the rewards rate to make the scheme inviting to more trading partners, which will in turn offer greater choice to customers swapping their vouchers.

A company called Lavish which issues tokens for up to 300 spas across the country and Bertorellis restaurants will be two additions to the scheme along with theatre tickets to some of the West End’s most popular shows for just £22.

Carolyn Bradley, UK Marketing Director at Tesco, says: “We want everyone to get more out of Clubcard and continuing double points is a key way for us to do that. We need to adjust parts of our scheme to help us do this, but we're very confident that even with these adjustments, the vast majority of customers are still better off than they were before we launched the double points.”

She also reassures customers that any savings made as a result of the rule changes will be invested back into the scheme and says cardholders should look out for further ‘Big Exchanges’ like the one that occurred in the summer.

Tesco is also hoping to put Clubcard accounts online to help customers access them at all times.



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