Ryanair to offer £4 stand-only fares

1 July 2010

Budget airline Ryanair plans to offer passengers flights from £4 with standing-room only, if it can get approval from the Civil Aviation Authority.

The airline is also contemplating charging all passengers £1 to use the toilet on-board.

Chief executive of the company, Michael O'Leary, revealed these developments are in the pipeline during an ITV programme, How to beat the budget airlines, which will be aired tonight (1 July).

However, there are some doubts about whether the designs, which include over-the-shoulder seatbelts, will fulfil required safety guidelines.

If it goes ahead, O'Leary says, the airline will remove the back 10 rows of seating in its 250-strong fleet of aircraft. This will make room for 15 rows of 'vertical seats', which could be extended further if the back two toilets are removed.

Between 40 to 50 extra passengers could be squeezed into the planes, allowing Ryanair to reduce the cost of its flights. Further revenue would be supplied by charging for the use of toilets, which means seated passengers would be effectively subsidising the fares of standing ones.

According to the airline, two-thirds of passengers polled said they would consider using vertical seats if they were free, while 42% said they might use them if they were half the price of normal seating.

If the authorities give it the go-ahead, Ryanair aims to introduce standing-room on its flights next year, initially just for those less than one hour, and will see how successful they are.

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