TalkTalk offers free broadband

1 June 2010

TalkTalk has launched a deal giving new customers a year’s free broadband and evening and weekend calls when they sign up to an 18-month contract and pay line rental of £11.49 per month.

The free deal will include TalkTalk’s Essentials package, which is normally £6.99 a month and includes up to 24Mb broadband, 40GB monthly download allowance, a free router and evening and weekend calls.

But customers already with TalkTalk will be unable to switch to the package until their current contract with the provider expires.

A one off connection fee of £29.99 applies and once the offer period of a year runs out customers will pay the usual tariff of £6.99 per month on top of the £11.99 line rental, which amounts to £18.48 per month.

The provider claims customers will save £198 over a year compared to a similar product offered by BT – BT Option 2 + Unlimited Weekend – which charges £11.54 line rental and £20.99 tariff per month, this includes evening and weekend calls and only 10GB of downloads per month. 

However, this comparison does not take into account the additional six months TalkTalk customers are locked into due to the 18-month contract.

Michael Phillips, product director at, says: “A year’s free broadband and calls from TalkTalk is a bold move to attract new customers and consolidate its position. 

“It could, however, bring to mind TalkTalk’s launch offer in 2006 of ‘free broadband’ which caused a gold rush of consumers desperate to sign up, but ultimately resulted in a customer backlash as the company wasn’t geared up to cope with the demand.”

Back in May, TalkTalk announced it had gained 42,000 customers in the first quarter of 2010 since splitting from its former partner Carphone Warehouse. 

Chairman of the group, Charles Dunstone, said the group’s main focus now is to maintain momentum in the broadband market and add between 140,000 and 180,000 customers over the coming 12 months. The company says its broadband is available to 90% of the country.

TalkTalk took over Tiscali 11 months ago and has suffered some teething troubles since – check out Johanna Gornitzki’s TV blog to hear about her nightmare experience with them.  


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