Sony offers trade-in on electrical goods

28 April 2010

Sony has launched a new trade-in scheme where consumers can exchange their old electrical goods in return for money off Sony goods.

The scheme runs from 29 April until 11 July and accepts electrical items that don’t work anymore as well as ones that do. Sony operated a similar scheme last year which offered up to £150 off a new Sony Bravia TV set in exchange for an old TV set.

This year’s scheme is timed to coincide with the World Cup. As well as claiming that it saves consumers money, the scheme aims to help reduce the mounting problem of TVs and other large electrical equipment being dumped in landfill sites. Participating stockists include Sony Centres, Comet, Curry's, John Lewis, Tesco Extra and some independent stores.

Sony UK commercial director Andy Benson says: “We understand that consumers will undoubtedly want to upgrade their kit as they gear up for the World Cup this summer, but cost is still an issue for most of us coming out of recession. This campaign is not only timely in helping people take their entertainment to the next level, it is also a good way to encourage the responsible disposal of old technology.”

Sony isn’t the first electrical retailer to run such as scheme. Comet ran a similar scheme for a short period last year, as did Panasonic and Samsung. Under the Comet offer, consumers could trade in old fridges, freezers, washing machines and cooking appliances with free collection and recycling and get 20% off a new appliance.

Retailer Game is also currently offering trade-ins on old games consoles although the offer ends on 6th May. Shoppers can trade-in an old 120GB Play Station 3 for up to £200 or a Nintendo Wii for £90.

However, before you rush out to buy a new TV or games console and trade in your old one it’s worth checking that this will get you the best price for your old equipment. In many cases selling your stuff privately could result in a better deal.

For example, Game will give you £90 for a Nintendo Wii but the consoles sell on ebay for anything from £100 to around £200 depending on games and accessories.

Auction sites such as ebay are a good way to sell used electrical goods, especially games consoles and computer games. However, selling bigger items such as television sets this way can be tricky as you may have to sell on a pick-up only basis. Some retail websites such as Amazon also sell used electrical goods for as little as 86p per listing.

If you’re looking for a new TV set or other electrical items it’s a good idea to shop around to get the best deal. Price comparison websites such as and make this easy to do. When comparing prices take any trade-in value into consideration as well as the cost of disposing of old equipment.


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