Virgin cuts 0% balance transfer period

19 March 2010

Virgin Money has cut its 0% balance transfer period from 16 to 14 months – meaning Barclaycard now offers the most competitive balance transfer credit card on the market.

The move comes just days after the government announced a ban on credit card providers using customers’ payments to clear balances attracting the least amount of interest before more expensive debt.

Experts warn the new rule, which will come into force later this year, could spell the end of 0% balance transfer cards.

Virgin Money has long topped 0% balance transfer best-buy tables with its 16-month interest-free offering.

However, its decision to reduce this introductory period by two months means Barclaycard’s Platinum credit card is the most competitive deal for anyone looking to transfer a balance from an existing credit card.

Peter Harrison, credit card expert at, says: "The Virgin credit card has been a market-leading product for balance transfers for many years, so this move shows how the industry is responding to the regulation which is being introduced.

“Ultimately it is consumers who will be losing out as lenders reduce their 0% offers in response. I would expect further changes in promotional offers over the coming weeks.”

The number of cards offering balance transfers has fallen by 10% since the credit crunch began in 2007. Currently, around 152 out of 219 cards offer balance transfers deals - 140 of them at 0%.

Louise Holmes, spokeswoman at, adds: “With many providers offering 0% balance transfer periods, cardholders had previously been spoilt for choice. There were many opportunities to transfer to a better rate and pay off the outstanding amount before the 0% period expired.

“The main reason for this decline lies with risk. Providers are wary of attracting debt from customers who could default at any time, and have the possibility of unemployment and economic hardship hanging over them.”

Barclaycard offers 0% interest for 15 months on balance transfers, subject to a 2.9% fee. You'll also receive 0% interest on purchases for three months. The typical APR outside the zero introductory period is 15.9%, although you will receive 56 days to pay off your balance before interest kicks in.

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