Credit card fraud hotspots revealed

26 January 2010

The worst cities in the UK for card fraud have been revealed, as figures show the average victim of this crime loses more than £650.

Unsurprisingly, London has been named as the 'capital' of credit card fraud, in the CPP’s annual card fraud study. Incidences have increased by 10% in the last year, with 38% of Londoners now having been affected at least once.

This is the second year running that London has topped the tables for the worst card fraud in the country. However, it is closely followed by Cardiff, where 34% of the population have been hit by credit card fraud in the past year.

Glasgow (31%), Manchester (29%) and Brighton (27%) also feature in the top five (see full table below).

Interestingly, five cities - Birmingham, Bristol, Sheffield, Nottingham and Liverpool - have seen the number of credit card fraud victims fall in the past year. Leeds saw no change, whereas Brighton saw the biggest jump, with the number of victims increasing from 12% to 27% during the period.

“The dramatic increase in card fraud shows no sign of abating which isn’t surprising given the desperate measures some people will resort to during the recession,” says Kerry D’Souza, card fraud expert at CPP.

“Fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated, especially when it comes to online transactions which are a particular cause for concern.”

The study also shows that one in four Brits - over 12 million people – have been hit by credit card fraud. Around 39% of victims are targeted while using their cards online, while 21% have their cards cloned while using a cash point or chip and PIN device.

Meanwhile, out of all cards that are physically lost and stolen, one in 10 are used fraudulently.

According to D’Souza, the sums of money involved in these fraud cases are substantial. The average sum fraudulently transacted is over £650, but one in 20 victims report losses of over £2,000.

The number of people who fail to spot they have fallen victim to credit card fraud is also on the up; 42% only found out about fraudulent transactions when alerted by their bank.

City People affected
London 38%
Cardiff 34%
Glasgow 31%
Manchester 29%
Brighton 27%
Norwich 25%
Southampton 24%
Birmingham 23%
Edinburgh 23%
Plymouth 22%
Leeds 19%
Bristol 18%
Newcastle 16%
Sheffield 14%
Belfast 13%
Nottingham 12%
Liverpool 10%
Source: CPP’s annual card fraud study


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