Aviva slashes with-profits exit fee

21 October 2009

Aviva has reduced the exit fees on its with-profits funds in response a to “sustained improvement” in overall values.

Exit fees – known as market value reductions (MRVs) - are the charge levied by with-profits providers on policyholders who leave the investment early. Aviva has cut these charges by an average of between 1% and 3%, depending on the year the investment was taken out. However, despite the cuts, some policyholders still face a shocking 18% charge for exiting a policy early.

David Barral, marketing director at Aviva, says: “We have been monitoring MVR levels on a weekly basis and the sustained improvement in the overall value of the with-profit funds means we are pleased to reduce MVR rates.”

A policyholder who took out a with-profits fund in 1997 would now face paying a 5% fee for leaving early, down from the previous charge of 8%. However, investors who bought just three years later in 2000 still face paying 18% if they leave early, although this is down from the previous 20% charge.

The penalties have been reduced in response to the stockmarket improvement seen since March this year. However, Aviva warns that the stockmarket remains well below the last peak seen in October 2007.

Last October the FTSE 100 peaked at around 4,350 pints, falling to a low of around 3,450 in March. It closed yesterday at 5,243 points.
With-profits funds aim to offer investors consistent or ‘smooth’ returns, with funds from stronger years reserved to cover any losses seen in other years.

The cuts apply to investors in Aviva’s unitised with-profit funds - formerly known as CGNU, CULAC, and NULAP funds – who bought their units over the past 20 years.

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