Avoid these five sport spending traps

4 September 2009

More football fans are turning their backs on live matches because of the cost, according to Virgin Money.

And the financial burden of the 'beautiful game' isn't just limited to tickets - all the extras add up.

Whether you're a follower of football or rugby, or like nothing better than cricket or tennis, don't fall for these five spending traps.   

1. Match programmes

Programmes can cost up to £10 yet usually end up stuffed in a drawer after the match. Consider sharing one with a friend, or if the match turns out to be a memorable event, save the newspaper coverage instead.

2. Merchandise

The shops at sporting venues draw us in to part with our cash for everything from mini cricket bats to mascots, mugs and signed photos. Ask yourself whether you really need another souvenir or avoid the shops altogether.

3. Alcohol

What’s a game without a few beers to get into the spirit and celebrate your team’s victory? To stop your spending spiralling out of control, set yourself a budget or get some drinks in to watch the game at home instead of heading to the pub.

4. Betting

Most sporting venues have a Ladbrokes on site to tempt excited fans to place last-minute bets. While betting on a game or player can add to the excitement, be careful not to get carried away.

5. Football shirts

At around £45 a pop, shelling out for a new football shirt every season is an expensive part of following the beautiful game. Consider whether you really need the latest kit or can buy one every other year instead.

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