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27 August 2009

When should you start a pension, how much should you save, and how can you boost your returns?

To help you understand the best ways you can plan for retirement, Moneywise is hosting a live pensions webchat with Scottish Widows at 12.30pm today. 

You can ask a question now ahead of the webchat or just join us at 12.30pm for all the live answers to your pension concerns.

In the current economic climate it makes more sense than ever for people to be saving into a pension, and taking advantage of the associated tax benefits. But when it comes to planning for retirement and organising a suitable pension, it can seem complicated and even daunting. What kind of pensions are out there? How much should you be saving each month? How can you maximise the benefits?

Click here to ask your questions and join the live webchat at 12.30pm

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