Exchange your old TV for a new set

19 August 2009

If you own an old Sony television you could trade it in and receive a discount of up to £150 off a brand new set.  

The initiative, which bears a resemblance to the government’s car scrappage scheme, could see you receive up to £150 off a new Sony BRAVIA model. By 2012, every television set will need to be converted to digital; Sony says its initiative will enable households to exchange their old set for a BRAVIA model and get ready for the digital switchover.

Ageing 80s rock star, Alice Cooper, will star in the advertising campaign to promote the TV scrappage scheme when it kicks off this Friday.

Matt Coombe, general marketing manager at Sony UK, says “The campaign offers customers the advantages of swapping old for new rather than simply throwing away – encouraging old televisions to be responsibly disposed of."

He adds: "Another important element of this campaign is the reassurance for our customers that Sony will help them through the digital switchover, we understand that peace of mind is currently high on priority lists at this difficult economic time.”

The actual discount you receive will depend on the size of the set you purchase: you’ll receive £50 off 26” and 32” screens; £100 off 40” screens; and £150 off 46”, 52” and 55” screens.

What is the digital TV switchover?

It is government policy that all television services in the UK will go completely digital between 2008- 2012, with the exception of Whitehaven in Cumbria, which was the first place to switch in October 2007.

Once each region goes digital, the old analogue television signal will be switched off – leaving you with little choice but to convert or upgrade your TV equipment to receive digital signals. This can be through aerial, satellite, cable or broadband.

The government is responsible for ensuring the timetable for the digital switchover is met – and to help people adapt.


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