The best investment options for income seekers

13 August 2009

Recent events have made the search for income a difficult one as investors suffer low interest rates, made worse by the prospect of inflation and questions over the security of government bonds.

Yet having regular, sustainable income is still one of the highest priorities for many investors, who see their savings earning as little as 1% in the majority of high street accounts. Still the question remains – where can you find those opportunities? And how can you make the most of your investments if you are an income seeker?

Moneywise invites you to join investment experts Neil Dwane, manager of the Allianz RCM European Equity Income Fund, and Andy Parsons, Advice team manager at The Share Centre, for a live webchat from 12.30pm on Thursday 13 August to discuss ways for you to keep a hold of that income stream and to provide expert answers to your questions.

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