Which financial companies can you trust?

18 May 2009

Following the turbulent past 18 months, with bank after bank revealing cracks not only in their façades but in their core structures too, it’s little wonder consumers have been left wondering which financial services companies they can trust.

Can you rely on your bank manager not to gamble your money away? Can you sleep soundly at night, knowing that your finances are safe in the hands of the financial company you’ve chosen?

To help answer these concerns, Moneywise decided to conduct research into which companies you, our readers, believe treat customers the most fairly, offer the highest level of service and provide the best value for money.

We received over 10,000 responses, making this Britain’s largest dedicated survey of customer service performance among financial companies.

The shortlist of the most trusted companies has now been drawn up - simply click here to find out which companies have lived up to your expectations.

The winners will be announced at the inaugural Moneywise Customer Service Awards 2009 on 25 June, and their names published in the August issue of Moneywise magazine, as well as online.

The Moneywise team wants to thank you all for making this one of the most comprehensive studies of consumer trust in the financial services sector; we hope it will help you choose the brands you feel confident you can rely on.

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