Get boiler insurance

16 February 2009

If you’ve ever had a boiler on the blink, or a radiator that refuses to warm up, you’ll know how expensive calling out an engineer can be.

With an average boiler repair costing around £220, insuring your boiler could help get you out of hot water.

* Before you rush out to insure your boiler, you should think about how much cover you need, how much you want to pay and whether you need it at all. A standard boiler insurance policy will only cover your boiler and its controls, while heating insurance can cover your entire central heating system, including the radiators, pipes and water tank.

* The price depends on the amount of cover you need, the cost of fixing the problem and how many call-outs you want to include. Some plans only pay for costs up to a certain level, typically between £1,000 and £1,500, and some limit the numbers of call-outs to just two a year. Prices start from £9 a month and can range up to £27 for the most comprehensive policies.

* Be aware that all policies are subject to some kind of limitation. A 30-day no-claims period is standard once you take out a policy, while some have specific definitions of what warrants an emergency call-out. Some insurers won’t insure certain makes of boilers, while those more than 15 years old are unlikely to be covered.

* You may already have boiler breakdown cover on your home contents insurance policy, and even if you don’t, most insurers will allow customers to add home emergency cover to their standard policy for a few pounds extra each month. So before you sign on the dotted line check your policy documents carefully.

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